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Letter: Wrong about Ardinger

It appears that Elaine Kellerman holds strong personal opinions on certain public matters that may or may not have relevance to the upcoming District 15 Senate race (Monitor letters, July 16).

She is wrong in her information about the school board’s acquisition of Concord residences that made way for the Christa McAuliffe School.

As a board member and president during the time she referenced, I would be happy to sit with her face-to-face and give her the real facts. (Of course, I am still trying to figure out what Concord residential sales have to do with this state Senate contest.)

As to how candidate Ardinger feels about Northern Pass, why doesn’t she ask her? Instead Kellerman can only suggest the answer with her “guilt by association” process of reasoning. She appears to need a platform for her own opinions and has adopted this race as the vehicle to make that happen.

Thus far, the District 15 race has been civil and even cordial. Let’s hope it stays that way.



Legacy Comments2

Maybe Kass A should tell voters where she stands on Northern Pass on all the colored brochures she's sending out to prospective voters rather than have Elaine K ask her personally. I mean brochures can contain helpful information to swing voters besides just being colorful. And gee I wonder if Betty H is on the list of Kass A supporters. Funny thing is I don't see this Elaine K on anyone's list of supporters. She could be a flatlander or just a rabble rouser or even a steak lover.

Betty H accuses Elaine K of being “wrong in her information” “about the school board’s acquisition of Concord residences that made way for the Christa McAuliffe School.” To supposedly back THAT up, Ms. Hoadley offers “to [meet] with [Elaine privately] and give her the real facts.” Elaine K made two simple factual assertions: that Kass A “was involved in the under-the-table purchasing of [the] houses,” and that the houses were “[h]istoric properties.” It appears that, “As a board member AND PRESIDENT during the time” (as she says), Betty H still may not quite grasp the concept of public debate and disclosure when it comes to the public’s business. Still being unwilling to DISCLOSE PUBLICLY HERE “the real facts,” she ironically makes Elaine K’s case for her, perfectly.

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