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Letter: Republicans and the big picture

Attention Granite Staters! Before you vote in November, take a step back and consider some information you can gain from looking at the big picture.

As an example, have you noticed that lately the Supreme Court has been giving more rights to corporations and less rights to individuals?

Have you identified the trend of House Republicans spending more time on social and religious issues than on the practical matters of jobs, immigration reform, student loans or the national infrastructure. The other trend is to do nothing that might look like bipartisan cooperation and risk offending a single Tea Party voter. The new mantra for most House Republicans is: Taking governing responsibility means taking political risk.

Elections have consequences and those consequences will be very different depending upon which party controls the Congress. This axiom is just as true, or maybe more so, at the state level.

The annual rating of the Best States for Business by CNBC and the National Manufacturers Association was just published and contained an interesting sub report – “The 10 Worst States to Live In.”

Vermont and New Hampshire are on the opposite end of that list at 48 and 49. Examples of the key criteria used are health care, education, crime rate, jobs and the environment.

The worst states have an important factor in common – Republican-controlled governments.

The top 10 states had seven Democratic governors with mostly same-party legislatures.


North Hampton

Legacy Comments3

If you believe that cherry picked screed about it being so awful to live in states because of Republicans then you are indeed a LIDV. Demographics will show you that there is a mass migration from Blue states to Red states. But got to give it to Dave he can find any statistic to make his massively partisan screed. democrats and statistics are just like a drunken sailor and a lamp post. they use them to prop up their weekness- never to illuminate it. your meds today?? Migrating from blue to red states?? Where did you get such ridiculous statistics??

only everywhere...have your tried google??

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