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Letter: The downside of technology

Change! It is evident that the world is changing. In some cases it is good, but sometimes it is not.

Where will the youth of today be five or 10 years from now? Their education is based around computers. If you were to take a computer or iPhone away from them, where would they be? How many times have I checked out at the register and the clerk could not count back what I should get back in change?

Recently I witnessed a dad asking his daughter (age 14) to fill out an address label, and she had to ask what order does the address go? Schools today are no longer teaching cursive.

Because of texting, how many do not know how to talk on the phone? Although I think computers are good, we need to look at how it is affecting the youth of today.



Legacy Comments1

In my experience the liberal union Teachers don't care a hoot about what anyone thinks - the disaster known as Common Core is proof of that.

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