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Letter: A spineless response

What is going on at the Malaysian Airlines crash site?

The manner in which the international teams have been treated and the very fact that we, and the entire world, have allowed ourselves to be dictated to by the separatists and Russian President Vladimir Putin on sovereign Ukrainian soil only shows me that our moral compass is badly askew and our spine is horribly broken!

Ukraine has asked for our help and that of the international community. How can the world of civilized nations, and our country in particular, let a bunch of separatist thugs control the crash site to the detriment of taking care of the dead and doing a proper postmortem analysis?

I know these thugs are backed by Putin, but are we so fearful of him and have we sunk so low that we are afraid to go in and throw the bums out, by force if necessary?

We need to take the humane and proper measures to care for those poor victims of this atrocity and help to bring closure to their families.

I remain hopeful that by the time this is printed that we will have grown a spine, put Putin and his thugs in their place, and taken the necessary steps to restore hope to those who rely on the West’s and our leadership.

I have always been proud to be an American. Today, I am ashamed to be one.


New London

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Gracc, Tempting. Really tempting but how does bombing Iran help with Russia's direct or proxy invasion of Ukraine? (First line may have contained a bit of sarcasm)

You'd have to ask Sen. McCain. He seems to think it will cure everything that's wrong with the world.

well..I'd ask you...how long do you think it will be before someone...most likely us, has to deal with Iran militarily?

Peter, Agreed this is horrible situation but not sure what we can do to, "help the victims" as they are dead. In term of a meaningful international response that help prevent such things in the future- what do you recommend?

May I offer a suggestion (this one always works for Sen. McCain)? Bomb Iran.

I'm with you Peter. How sad and tragic it is that Putin can bully others and America stands down. Putin, who is the captain of a sinking ship. Russia will soon die the death of demographics. Their birth rate is far below replacement rate and they do not allow immigration. As Russia withers and dies as Putin grabs for one last gasp of glory, China is waiting in the wings to take over.

Hey...I think I hear the 80's calling....time to bring back that foreign policy I think...

good one - I will bet the LIDV's that post here cant even tell you from where that quote came.

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