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Letter: A call for compassion

How can we turn our backs on children fleeing from unlivable conditions in their home countries? How can anyone speak of family values and reject a child in need? Does it matter whose child it is?

The worst nightmare for a parent is that any harm comes to their child.

How can any religion or society espouse generosity of spirit and shun a suffering child? The Central Americans coming here at great risk are victims of political oppression, similar to those whose families came here long ago from other countries. What if, instead of sending troops and incensed citizens to the border, we send doctors and counselors to aid and protect them? We wouldn’t think of not doing that if they were members of our family, community, state or country. We would rally to their assistance, because it’s the right and neighborly thing to do.

The children surging over the border seeking asylum afford us an opportunity to show the rest of the world we can do the right thing. In the eyes of much of the world, we are the primary cause of their suffering. Now we have a chance to show our strength resides not only in our military, but also our humanitarianism.



Legacy Comments1

if a reader belives the picture that Sol portrays then the readers maybe missed the real news that NObama not only created this crisis but he inflated the "its for the children" narrative. I blame this rag for keeping its LIDV readers ignorant.

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