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Letter: An important contribution

Thank you for printing Robert Azzi’s contribution to the discussion on the situation in Israel/Palestine (Sunday Monitor Forum, July 27). It is a viewpoint that most American papers fail to represent adequately.

As someone who has been involved with that area since 1960, I have seen great changes, mostly for the worst, especially after 1967 and the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

My only concern was that the Israeli position published last week on the front page of the Forum section, complete with color photos, was in sharp contrast to the Page D3 positioning of Azzi’s article. There are sources for photos from Gaza, although most of the current crop of pictures are horrible, but that is the nature of the uneven battle between the two parties.



Legacy Comments1

"UNEVEN BATTLE BETWEEN TWO PARTIES???" Hey Chuck, lemme fill you in, 'cuz it's obvious you've had your head in the sand lately. The media, the left and Hamas have made an unholy alliance against Israel. All the news stories I've seen have all but taken the side of Palestine and have painted Israel as the "big bully" in all this. Google "Joan Rivers Israel Palestine rant" to get the most honest perspective on this whole mess I've yet heard.

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