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Letter: Leave your pets home

On July 23, it was 92 degrees and very humid in Concord. I found the temperature uncomfortably hot outside, can you imagine what a pet feels like inside a hot car?

Today, I came across two dogs in distress in the heat. This is the fourth time in a month I have seen this. Whenever I see letters to the Monitor every year stating the dangers of this, I always think, “Don’t people already know this?” Obviously not.

Your pet does not want to go for a ride with you badly enough to be left in a hot car while you shop, eat lunch, etc.

Please leave your pet at home.

One dog I saw today was a large dog, and he was in a car with the windows cracked two inches. It was hard to see him in such obvious distress, as he was panting, pacing, whining and drooling – a pitiful sight.

In New Hampshire, it is illegal to leave an animal in a vehicle when the temperature is either so high or so low it can cause harm to the animal.

On an 82 degree day, the interior of a car with the windows cracked can reach a temp of 102 in 10 minutes and 120 degrees in 30 minutes, which could mean death to the animal. Please spread the word to any animal owners you know, and if you see this type of situation call for help right away.



Legacy Comments1

Dog owners should try this: Drive to the grocery store on an 80 degree sunny day. Stop the car, roll down all of the windows 2 inches, and turn off the engine. Put on a sweater to simulate your dog's fur coat. Sit there for 20 minutes. No water allowed. How did you do?

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