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Letter: Old ways aren’t working

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Congress seems to ignore this old saying when it comes to our nation’s daunting fiscal problems.

Lawmakers stick with the status quo and hope these problems will simply disappear.

The Congressional Budget Office’s new long-term budget outlook echoes the warnings of years past – tax and spending policies have taken on an unsustainable nature, and hard choices must be made.

Entitlement programs are growing exponentially, tax revenues fail to cover our expenses, interest payments on the federal debt already overshadow the budgets of some of our largest government agencies, and parts of the budget are slated for unrealistically large cuts.

In fact, the budget office projects that federal spending will outpace both revenue generation and economic growth under current law, causing budget deficits to widen again within a few years.

The debt already equates to 74 percent of GDP, and current law will only force that ratio to grow unsustainably. Such high and rising debt levels will reduce national savings, put pressure on critical government services, limit lawmakers’ ability to respond to unforeseen events and increase the likelihood of another fiscal crisis.

Elected officials know how we got here: excessive partisanship, short-term thinking and pandering to special interests. They understand that solutions exist, yet Congress continues misguided policies and ignores the need for compromise.

If we as a nation do not want to look insane, we must pursue different policies to get different results.



Legacy Comments2

No, wrong.

IF the 2001 and 2003 Bush Tax Cuts had never been enacted, our government would not be in this condition. IF the National Republican Party had shouldered the responsibility for paying for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, instead of charging them against our National Debt, our government would not be in this condition. IF the Republicans in Congress were working to help the middle class and the poor, we would not be in this condition. Grover Norquist insists that the Republicans 'own' the house until 2020. We can see what a financial mess that has caused, we will see how bad it messes up the US financial future. My hope is that those voters in 'Republican Congressional Districts' see what the National Republican Party has caused and vote all the Republicbums out!!

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