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Letter: Hassan best for my daughter

I graduated from college in 1970, and many career and academic doors have opened for women since that time.

Women are attending medical school, law school and studying engineering in record numbers, and many now play an ever more important role in government.

Unfortunately, more than 40 years later, some things have not changed.

I watched with dismay as the Supreme Court first struck down buffer zone measures that would keep women safe as they access reproductive health care facilities and then ruled that bosses can pay women less than men by refusing to include coverage for a women’s full range of health needs in their compensation packages (also known as discrimination).

I may not personally be affected by these decisions, but still I need a strong advocate to fight for these issues that will affect my daughter. Even though candidates like Walt Havenstein, who applauded both of these decisions, won’t support the rights of women, I take solace in knowing that Gov. Maggie Hassan will be that advocate to stand up for my daughter and generations of daughters to come.



Legacy Comments1

Its for the women is even more bogus a political platform than the "its for the children" baloney - It is just sickening how the democrats have destroyed this country with their phony baloney issues

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