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Letter: Paying it forward

I’m writing to say “thank you” to the kind person who generously pre-paid for my lunch at Bagel Works in Concord on July 28 and started a trend that lasted all afternoon.

After ordering my favorite wrap, I was pleasantly surprised when the cashier handed me back my cash and gave me an envelope addressed “For You.” Inside was a lovely card with the following message: “Recently good fortune came my direction and I am paying it forward. I hope this makes your day a little brighter in hopes you too will pay it forward someday.”

The cashier told me that a woman had left three cards. I was the third recipient of this random act of kindness. I gave the cashier $10 to pay for the next customer’s lunch.

Before leaving the shop, I saw that customer do the same. The experience left me with a happy feeling all day long. I inquired at Bagel Works the following day and learned that the “pay it forward” trend continued for 15 to 20 customers. That’s a lot of people who no doubt left the shop with a smile on their faces. So to the woman who started it all – thank you for bringing sunshine to a rainy Monday! Your kindness was contagious.



Legacy Comments1 time, donate that money to your local food pantry. You'll feel even better.

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