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Letter: Levels of suffering

Anyone who rapes and murders a 12-year-old girl should be executed. There should be no question about it. Having said that, cruel and unusual punishment need not be part of the penalty. Lethal injections are the cause of such brutal failures. The long-term suffering of the Arizona inmate is an outrage and points to other ways of terminating life.

In the Bible, there were two penalties for rape and murder: hanging and stoning. The modern day equivalent of stoning, of course, is the firing squad. Instead of round, baseball-sized stones, a small piece of lead is used at high velocity. Death is quick. So is hanging because it snaps the neck with no gasping for breath.

When you talk about long-term suffering, however, consider how the Romans sought justice. First, it was public, something we should consider doing again. It guarantees that those who witness the event will be much, much less likely to commit the offense. In addition to the cutting whip and the bloody sword, there was crucifixion. It was cruel and unusual and hanging on a cross could last for hours or even days. The Arizona execution was a tea party compared to Rome’s way.

The only well-known and documented, short-term crucifixion was Christ’s. He lived only long enough to recite all of Psalm 22, not just the first verse which is given in the Bible. It was a description of His agony that was written by King David 1,000 years before it happened. You can look it up.



Legacy Comments2

I too agree with dannys comment of 8-5-2014. anyone who commits these crimes should not - I repeat should not be shown any mercy !!!!

Personally, I don't give a rat's ass if a guilty low life that rapes and murders a 12 year old suffers during the course of a lethal injection. None of the liberal lawyers and left wing idiots ever comments on what cruel and unusual punishment the victim experienced or how long it took them to die. A young women was shot then buried alive by a criminal that was subsequently given a lethal injection that took over 20 min. for him to die! And we are supposed to care about these criminals? Then the governors suspend executions until there is an investigation of a less painful way for the murders to die! Talk about political correctness. Well,if it was up to me, I would give those condemn those low life murders two options. ! They could die in the same manner as they killed and tortured their victims. 2. They could be turned over to the victim’s family to be dealt with, as they seem fit.

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