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Letter: Hobby Lobby omission

In her “My Turn” column (Monitor Forum, July 25), former New Hampshire Republican Party chairwoman Jayne Millerick stated “Hobby Lobby was fine with paying for nearly all forms of Obamacare-mandated birth control (except) drugs like the ‘morning after’ pill.”

Millerick conveniently omitted the fact that Hobby Lobby Corporation’s religious belief will not pay for intrauterine devices.

Let’s begin with the basics. After a human egg is fertilized, it spends about two weeks in the zygote/blastocyst phase before implanting on the uterine wall where it becomes an embryo. Zygotes do not implant with an IUD in place. Researchers estimate well over half of all natural conceptions do not implant of their own accord.

Noteworthy, nationally powerful Republicans such as Newt Gingrich support giving 14th Amendment “personhood” rights to fertilized eggs! My religion informs me that is crazy!

According to most sources, IUDs are safe, nearly 100 percent effective, require no regimen by recipient (“set and forget method” ) and are easily removed when one chooses to become pregnant. Their use has more than doubled since 2002. However, the up-front cost is expensive (a small fortune for poor women).

I believe public policy should leave artificial birth control choices to woman, partner and doctor. I would never deny the “morning after pill” to victim sof rape (or indiscretion), especially to a teenage girl. Paying for birth control insurance? I would agree that a “Medicare for all” public option would solve a myriad of problems, including lowering the “actuarial age” of Medicare participants.



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Well Gracchus, it appears to me that HL does in fact offer contraceptives. The issue here is 3 out of 20. By the way, as a female I would never consider an IUD. From my research in regards to myself over the years health wise, the IUDS have been nothing but law suits since they first came out. Bayer the company that is being sued, just come out with an new IUD. And if in fact, you believe that a health plan should offer everything. then why do you not have an issue with the ACA out of pocket expenses that offer narrow networks and if you need a specialist, it might be at extra cost to you? Nor be outraged at the out of pocket expenses you will be paying for certain meds because of the deal this administration made with Big Pharma?

Nobody is keeping anything from anybody - Liberal democrats just want somebody else to pay for it..... as always. The world must have been awful for women before NObama and Shaheen got elected.

By your standards family planning is a matter of household income. Ever hear of fairness? Does it bother you that the very same plans that won't pay for a woman's contraceptive has no problem shelling out for her father-in-law's Viagra?

Cool ..... Its the stalker again.... I must be in their brain.... rent free

Do you have health insurance? If you got cancer or had a heart attack, wouldn't you expect your insurance to pay for it? Or to be talking apples and apples, if your doctor gave you a prescription for viagra (assuming you are male), wouldn't you expect your insurance to pay for it? It's not just liberals who expect "others" to pay for health care now, is it?

do you have insurance for oil changes and wiper replacement. You have not a clue about the economic principle called INSURANCE

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