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Letter: 2 bucks for the common good

As I am myself a candidate for state representative, I paid close attention to a July 26 letter in the Monitor from a candidate down in Dover who explained the dangers of a gas tax that would cost me $660 million dollars over 20 years.

I was left with an image of children not yet born, crushed by highway debt – if that candidate’s math is right.

I think there’s a better way to do that math. It’s called the “Test of Reasonable Approximation” and it works like this: What mileage does your car get? How many miles a month do you drive? What exactly is that tax?

My car gets 20 mpg. I drive about a thousand miles a month. The gas tax has gone up 4 cents. That means it costs me about $2 a month to drive on safer roads. I figure I can live with that.

It is very popular now to say, “Don’t tread on me”: Don’t tread on my wallet to pay for your road.

I would like to suggest that we drive our roads in common.

No one I know has ever built or paid for one themselves. The history of New Hampshire is for community. Out of common effort we have our inheritance. We owe the future the same respect. I’ll pay 2 bucks for that.



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