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Letter: We can still believe in hope

They want to impeach President Obama because of what, inexperience? The president who should have been impeached is now wasting paint like he wasted the American economy.

Bush seems to have finally found his own talents after his dad paid for all his other “talents.” Blame Obama because he believed America could change?

Compared to George W. Bush, Obama is a saint. Bush surrounded himself with Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, two cold warriors who took the country into wars, especially Iraq, based on lies.

Those two men were raised by Richard Nixon and understood how to lie. These two men who ran the White House learned from the master of deception.

The president who now occupies the Oval Office is a young man who learned a hard lesson.

Obama was one who actually tried his best to help the country after eight years of deception coming from the Nixon playbook. Obama believed hope and change were real.

Obama never had a chance for change, but hope is something we can all still believe in if we stop this new “American Civil War.” As another Illinois president once said: “With malice toward none and charity for all.”

A quote to remember if we want this country up and running again.



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spectacular revisionist history. There are a lot of these Obamanistas out there that don't realize that 64.3 % of the country don't think like them.

Well of course there are. With millions spent on anti Obama ads, being bombarded by lies and distortions it is to be expected. Some of the most ardent Obama haters couldn't even give a factual reason why they hate him. After a careful poll I have arrived with the fact that 89.7% of the people that hate Obama, hate him ,just because. The number may have been higher but one of the cats was sleeping. Cats! you say, well if Obama haters would believe that he advertised for children to come here illegally for medical testing. Even my cats aren't that bat crap crazy.

It is really scary to realize how gullible the American people really are. The tea partiers with their" keep the government out of my medicare and out of my medicine cabinet" when they would not have medicare and mecicare D except for the government. And then then the so called high information voters on here that don't even realize that getting rid of midicare and ss is one of the stated goals of the Republican party. Of course they will say they are trying to"save" it, but it is socialism after all and the only socialism the right likes is corporate welfare.

Tillie might as well come right out like Bruce did and admit she is a SOCIALIST

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