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Letter: Two steps back

I am a nurse and support universal health care wholeheartedly. I do not favor abortion on demand, but I believe in a woman’s right to control her body, practice her own religion (or not) and choose if and when to have children.

I was upset with the Citizens United Supreme Court decision because it expanded the right of corporations to be treated like persons; it opened the door for them to use money to lobby for particular legislation.

I feel this was at some cost to individual citizens, who cannot hope to match the amount of money corporations can spend.

Many small voices are apt to become lost. I am equally upset with the recent Hobby Lobby decision because it expands religious rights to corporations.

My fear is that corporations can now act at the expense of society and individual employees, without regard for religious freedom for those employees.

“Let the employees work elsewhere,” you say. Not so easy for employees trying to subsist on low wages.

“Let them pay for their own birth control if they want it.” Same answer.

Some employees will have their freedoms curtailed by their employers’ beliefs. What if corporations decide they are against other recognized medical care such as blood transfusions, vaccinations, other medicines, on religious grounds?

I believe the kinds of decisions we are seeing now are the very type the Founding Fathers fought against.

This country was founded “by the people and for the people,” not by the corporations and for the rich.



Legacy Comments1

Quote: "individual citizens, who cannot hope to match the amount of money corporations can spend." I guess the author forgot about the Sierra Club, AARP , the teachers unions the liberal media and the thousands of lobbyist groups representing citizens.

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