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Letter: Tax cuts at what cost?

An article in the July 30 Monitor lists all the candidates who are signing the Americans for Prosperity pledge saying they’ll cut taxes.

What it doesn’t say is how they are proposing to do it.

Are they going to stop fixing our roads and bridges that are already in deplorable condition? Are they going to cut funding for the mentally ill, which is already under funded? Are they going to fire police, firefighters, teachers and professors?

All spending cuts to the government mean someone is going to lose a job or work is not going to get done.

They also mean lower quality of our schools and universities upon which our future depends.

The state has already cut the money it sends back to cities and towns. Their road and building maintenance shows it.

The GOP fiddles while Rome crumbles. I would like to hear some candidates with some ideas on how they are going to fix some of these problems, not empty promises of tax cuts.



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democrats have doubled the state spending since Shaheen was elected - Simply repeal all the cradle to grave goodies the democrats give to their cronies and there is more than enough money to fund the mandates as outlined in the constitution

Incorrect again. democrats have douibled state spending just since shaheen was elected. Heck just the Lynch period added Billions . There is no metric that accounts for a doubling of spending other than democrats cradle to grave entitlement mentality. This state can easily return to the mandates as outlined in the constitution

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