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Letter: Address carbon pollution now

I strongly support EPA proposals to reduce carbon pollution from power plants in the United States, action which the agency has the authority to take as per the Supreme Court.

This is nothing new; regulatory action has helped mend the ozone layer and mitigate the worst impacts of acid rain, and in neither case was the nation’s economy damaged.

The consequences of the United States failing to act on carbon emissions are already showing and could be nothing short of disastrous.

Already in the Northeast, heat waves and flooding are occurring at higher rates, and more money is being spent on disaster recovery and lost to damage from a changing climate. It is imperative that we do not further delay action to rein in industrial carbon pollution.


Metuchen, N.J.

(The writers is a University of New Hampshire Service Institute Climate Fellow for 2014.)

Legacy Comments3

Forward thinking nations and communities are no longer beyond debating "if" and have moved on to climate change resilience planning and adaptation. As far as mitigation, because carbon particles in the atmosphere act as a blanket trapping more heat around the earth, why wouldn't you want to reduce the "thickness" of this blanket?

Wow, a climate expert expounding on the absolute need to curtail carbon pollution as soon as possible. Now, we will see what the deniosphere (Itsa, BPR, Rabbit) shall regurgitate about 17 years, Dems, progressives, and their other meaningless rants.

only a LIDV believes the last paragraph when all facts prove it false

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