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Letter: Romney thumped? No way

A story on Page A2 in the Aug. 3 Sunday Monitor headlined “Mitt Romney emerges as GOP’s star campaigner” began with a whopper: “President Obama thumped Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.”

In fact, Obama won by a slim margin of 3.5 percent of the popular vote, and Romney took 24 to Obama’s 26 states. Beat, yes. But thumped? Hardly.

To avoid bias I referenced a Democratic site to gather my information. Other parts of the article were more factual. Readers that went past the first sentence would discover that Republican candidates are, in fact, proud to have an honorable man like Romney stand by their side this campaign season.

Democratic candidates, on the other hand, know the type of man Obama is. And, while I’m sure they will gladly accept the money he has been out raising when he should have been dealing with crisis after crisis his administration is responsible for, they “don’t want to be associated with him.”



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Consider the voter fraud committed in places like Ohio where certain precincts had 100% Obama votes, one has to wonder if the fix was in.

a good read on the ongoing democrat voter fraud.... "An Inside Look at How Democrats Rig the Election Game "

Fact check much? Your claim of voter fraud in Ohio is false, as any effort on your part to check the facts would show. Readers can visit to confirm that the poster's claim is fraudulent. But it illustrates the degree to which the far right is willing to 1) play fast and loose with the truth, and 2) accept any claims, no matter how far-fetched, if they confirm one's biases and hate. On such a web of lies are built the claims of those who seek to restrict the voting rights of citizens across the country. A similar web of lies and deception accompanies those who are climate change deniers. Oddly enough, they're often the same group. Here in New Hampshire, that would include Granite Grok and whatever passes for our local variety of Tea Party types.

another Brucie excusie #30457 HEADLINES " -- A Fraudulent "Fact Check" Site Funded By Biased Political Group"

Agreed but Romney lacked the backbone to fight back against the character assassination he received from the Obama team. That in itself shows a lack of resolve and backbone. Yes, the country got screwed by Obama but at least we have seen what unbridled socialism looks like and we are fighting back. I pray Romney does not run again...

anybody that does not know the results of the recent poll about " if the election were today" is a LIDV

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