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Letter: Courts, not rockets

Israel and the Palestinians are at it again in the ever-troubled Middle East. As long as the injustice of the creation of Israel out of whole cloth by the United Nations continues there will be trouble.

Get this issue off the battlefield and into the international courts. That will be the fastest way to get this habitual pattern of war and violence to come to an end.

Today it is claimed by Israel that Hamas is a terrorist organization because of their use of rockets to attack Israel. Well, I read that on July 22, 1946, the King David Hotel in Jerusalem was bombed by “Jewish extremists.”

I wonder how the news editors can call rocket attacks terror and hotel bombers extremists. I guess it depends on the point of view of those who edit newspapers. The bottom line is get this dispute off the ground and into the world court if such a forum exists.

By the way, the extremist that bombed the King David Hotel was future Prime Minister of Israel Menachem Begin, “Extremist.”



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yeah..and while we are at it...lets get those ISIS fellows into court too... put a cease and desist on them...

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