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Letter: Alternative history

Where to begin? If you look up the New Historians on Wikipedia, you will find information about recent Israeli historians. They are challenging traditional versions of Israeli history.

The basis is newly declassified government papers 30 years after the founding of Israel. I spent 12 years living in the Middle East. I taught Arab people at the university level and on air bases both in the Middle East and here in the United States.

Part of my time was as a Peace Corps volunteer. Although born into a Roman Catholic household, I grew up with Jewish friends and visitors whom I greatly admired.

So don’t attempt the knee-jerk, faux, anti-Semitic excuse. The Israelis yell about rockets and tunnels, but never mention the damage they do or the innocents they kill. They play the victim. It’s never their fault.

Israel today, as always, avoids the issue. They justify bombing schools because (so they say) weapons are hidden there. So what? This allows you to kill innocents? They never talk about the blockade! They never talk about their victories as sucker punches where they caught their opponents not looking. They never talk about the forced evacuation of the Palestinians, the confiscation of Palestinian lands, and continuous, childish, mistreatment of the Palestinians.

Maybe this is the time that the Israelis have overstepped. Maybe reality is overtaking propaganda in the minds of more Americans.

I hope so, for the sake of the human race. Look at what the New Israeli historians have to say!



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