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Letter: Hemingway for freedom

On Sept. 9, we will get to choose who will be the Republican candidate for governor to take on incumbent Maggie Hassan.

I want to encourage you to consider supporting Bristol native and entrepreneur Andrew Hemingway.

I believe Hassan is taking New Hampshire down the road of Massachusetts and that the best way to defeat her is to nominate someone with stark contrasts.

With all due respect to Walter Havenstein, the other GOP candidate for governor, he doesn’t seem to demonstrate a whole lot of difference from our current governor. I could say more about that, but I want to focus on the positive side.

As governor, Hemingway would help protect our Fourth Amendment privacy rights, implementing legislation that prohibits the state from collecting an individual’s health information, and also barring law enforcement from accessing data on a suspect’s cell phone without a proper warrant.

It’s time for a governor who is pro-freedom, which is the biggest ingredient required to create an atmosphere conducive for the entrepreneur to start a business and provides jobs.

It’s time to end the status quo in New Hampshire. Since 2004, our unemployment rate has gone up 35 percent and since 2011 it has ceased to be the lowest in the region. I don’t want to see my favorite state continue to slide.

It’s time to elect Andrew Hemingway as governor.



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ABH = anybody but Hassan - Hassan is a career politician that has been in power during the democrats doubling of the budget. NH can do without democrats in power. Besides, they never ever bring any new ideas to the table but rely on their favorite solution - Tax, bond, borrow and spend

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