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Letter: Beholden to others

Who are the New Hampshire state legislators and/or would-bes that are down at the Hotel Anatole in Dallas, being wined and dined by the American Legislative Exchange Council in exchange for promoting laws on behalf of the Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity, Carl Rove’s GPS Pac or any other groups funded by the Koch brothers’ money?

Whoever they are, when they come back up here with legislation written for them by these groups, they should be forced to register as lobbyists, because they certainly are not going to be listening to the people they are supposed to represent.



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The CM should publicize the names of those legislators who chose to attend the ALEC conference--as they should for any highly partisan, ideologically driven organization. The public has a right to know where the legislative proposals these men and women will put forward--mostly TeaParty types--come from, and whose interests they really serve.

frightened of little old ALEC - hilarious - if the left didnt create Boogymen like ALEC & Koch Bros they would have nothing to whine about

yea.... the author would rather have the teachers unions, sierra club, planned parenthood and AARP write their legislation. For democrats to be so scared of a 35 employee group that has a $ 5 Million a year budget is simply hilariously funny.

5 mill? You obviously don't know what you are talking about or have a clue! Is there some reason you teaparty-liberterian republicons are afraid to use your real name; with the exception of not having everyone knowing you're a fool?

Bill is another LIDV - - as for the insult - well this information shows who is a fool

It's me, BestPres, your conscience. You need to understand how lobbying, which is what the groups you list do, is different from providing one-size-fits-all prewritten legislation that comes straight from the Koch brothers' self-serving political agenda. We all have family, friends and neighbors who are teachers, conservationists, pregnant and/or senior citizens. Not many of us rub elbows with oil tycoons who can buy hundreds of legislators' affections at will.

a perfect LIDV comment - keep coming back stalker

How is the weather is Dallas, BPR? Hot?

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