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Letter: Working-class candidate

Dan Feltes has my vote in the District 15 Senate primary because he truly understands the challenges facing working families.

Dan himself grew up in a working-class family.

His father worked at a factory upholstering sofas for his entire adult life and his mother held part-time jobs to help with the bills and raise Dan and his siblings. He’s talked about his experiences sharing a tiny bedroom with two of his brothers, standing in a rations line to receive cheese and bread when his father and other factory workers were on strike, and watching his parents struggle every day to provide for their family.

Dan went on to earn law and public policy degrees, and could have gone anywhere. He chose to make New Hampshire his home and fighting for justice his career.

Dan worked one-on-one with low-income people for eight years as a legal aid attorney. He witnessed their struggles firsthand, and advocated tirelessly to give them a chance at success.

Now, as a Senate candidate, he has a plan to build an economy that leaves nobody behind, with policies such as paid family leave and universal all-day kindergarten. Dan’s background, experience and passion for making New Hampshire a better place will make him a terrific senator.

The Sept. 9 election will undoubtedly be close, and I will be casting my vote for Dan Feltes.



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Sorry Best Pres . . . Gracchus has won this match. During the most prosperous period in our nation's history(you remember when we built the interstate highway system, don't you?) we also had MUCH higher taxes on the rich and big corporations. Upwards of 60% in some cases. Anyone who thinks that the problems facing our country today don't have anything to do with the corporatization of virtually every aspect of our lives has their head in the sand . . . or . . . some place else.

Pure hogwash - Dan is the problem with the USA. The demise of the nation’s oldest criminal racket……….The Democrats…….. are a party of unions, government workers, retirees, green industries, “entitlement” payees, professors, teachers and social-change activists …….all of whom require government payments in one form or another. You are a taker not a producer - come back when you produce something

This for Gracchus: 58% of Americans would say they are in the "haves," rather than the "have nots" group. This breakdown has held remarkably steady over the past two decades of economic boom and bust, with a record-high 67% of Americans putting themselves in the "haves" category during the strong economic times of the late 1990s. Not surprisingly, Republicans and Democrats are on opposite ends of the spectrum in both cases, with Democrats more likely than Republicans to say society is divided into haves and have nots, and more likely to see themselves in the "have nots" group. However, it is independents and moderates who since 2008 have grown significantly less likely to see society this way. ..... we clearly know where gracchus stands - he is one of the takers in society not the one pulling the cart

This for Best Pres: I consider myself one of the "haves." But I'm certainly not among the wealthy and certainly not among the top 10% let alone top 1%. As to your foolish statement below, shouldn't you tell people that you count Social Security and Medicare as "wealth transfer[s]"? didn't let somebody ghost write your letter (say, someone with the name of Dan) did you?? Sure reads like it !!

We need someone to teach poor people how to be self reliant and wealthy, not how they can game the system to "get" more things.

The most reliable way to be wealthy in America is to be born to wealthy parents - worked like a charm for Donald Trump for example. What does Laurie suggest, SPECIFICALLY, to those who aren't members of the lucky sperm club? And how does she respond to the wheelbarrows of benefits (many written into the tax code) flowing to corporations & family trusts compared to the teaspoons given to the poor?

Of the $3.4 Trillion budget last year over $2 TRILLION went to wealth transfer. Gracchus must just another non self reliant gimmie taker..... not one of us pulling the cart

Look at the other side of the ledger, buddy boy, at the shift in distribution of tax collections since (pick a year) 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980. How about less ad hominem if you're able. And yes, "another non self reliant gimmie taker" is just that.

fairy tales from the world of Gracchus: FACT: The top 1 percent now pays 40 percent of the income tax. The top 10 percent pays 70 percent. The bottom half, scores of millions of workers, Like Gracchus pay nothing. They ride free."Income Inequality Myths Of Left Exposed Once Again" ...

"Income Inequality Myths Of Left Exposed Once Again" Come on surely you could come up with a more factual article. Not one written by these clowns and posted on a conservative blog. Just how do you find these stories. PBR-0, Gracchus-1

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