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Letter: Absence of Kuster

I have one question for my fellow residents of the Second Congressional District: Where is Rep. Annie Kuster?

Seriously, where is she? The only time I have seen or heard from Annie Kuster is in her countless taxpayer-funded mailings or in her expensive television commercials.

Throughout the last two years, I never received an invitation to a town hall meeting or heard of her holding a single public forum. That’s pretty pathetic. Despite not holding a single town hall meeting, do you know how much of our money Kuster has spent to send us her glossy taxpayer-funded mailings? More than $293,000. That’s right, almost $300,000. Can you imagine what we could have used that money for? The fact that she has no desire to meet with her constituents, but has no qualms about taking our money to put it toward shiny mail pieces to benefit her re-election tells me one thing: All Annie Kuster cares about is her cushy job in Washington, D.C. She could not care less about us.

Shame on Annie Kuster; I couldn’t be more disappointed to have her representing me.



Legacy Comments3

Not surprising, but totally expected. Dems wanted "change" and they got it. Too bad it was a change for the worse.

Kuster the 1% ter liberal lawyer professional politician has handlers to do the work for her. Ask her if Libya is in the middle east and she goes into hiding

Kuster needs to go, along with a few others. Time for a good house cleaning voters. Come November the voters are calling the shots. Don't blow it!!

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