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Letter: Don’t mess with Grammy

I’d be willing to bet you’ve never met a more hard-working lady than my grandmother. She is incapable of doing anything halfway or slow.

She puts her heart, sweat and most recently her tears into her many gardens. This past week she called me all in a tizzy because her peach tree was robbed of all its fruit. All 10 (yes, she counts them) peaches were gone. Before you say it was an animal, let me preface this by saying last fall her very mature and very high apples trees were also robbed of all their fruit overnight.

Grammy takes all the measures she can think of to keep the deer and other critters away. It sure seems like something else is going on here. Her peach tree was wrapped in multiple nets to keep the birds away. The morning after the robbery, the nets were still in place with no holes or tears.

I would like to meet the deer that could remove the net, eat all 10 peaches, then place it perfectly back on the tree.

I have a hard time believing that a person would commit such a callous act. I mean, really, who would steal fruit from an elderly lady’s garden? If it is a person, I want to caution you not to mess with my grandmother, especially when it comes to her food.

Picture Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies, sitting on her back porch with her tonic and a shotgun. My Grammy thankfully doesn’t make her own liquor or own a weapon, but I still wouldn’t test her.



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