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Letter: Solution without a cause

If you think the Main Street proposal is bad, just wait until they complete the changes approved for Loudon Road. With an estimated 100 accidents per year (based on more than 20,000 vehicles per day), the city council accepted a proposal from an engineer to implement a turning lane and a bicycle lane by reducing the traveling lanes by two. He said it worked on Manchester Street.

Here’s the problem: The engineer could not identify the causes of the accidents. Yet, his plan is to put in a turning lane.

He offers a solution without identifying a cause, and the council ate it up. We have more than three times the businesses on Loudon Road than Manchester Street, not to mention a large shopping mall, a state business park and at least five housing developments that all feed onto Loudon Road.

Now this council wants to reduce the traffic carrying capacity and add a bike lane? Well, that is understandable since none of the guys who voted that evening live, work or commute from that area.

The one councilwoman who does wasn’t even present.

Where do we get these politicians? Is it that they just want to spend federal dollars? We need people who have common sense and will question so-called expert reports. By the way, those “federal dollars” are our tax dollars as well.



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Chip, you forgot to point out that it turns out most of the 100 accidents per year occur down at the intersection of Fort Eddy Road, which isn't part of this project. It's not called deception. It's juggling the stats to suit one's cause. The only thing that may save Loudon Road is that many vehicles will simply avoid the area if possible. That will obviously cause more traffic on other roads, and eventually bring more hare-brained ideas on how to solve those headaches. And so on.

Being a resident of one of the apartment complexes on Loudon Road, I am very concerned about the proposed changes coming. It is tough enough to navigate this area as it is. The City Engineer really does not have a grasp of the situation and our Councilwoman could care less. So, perhaps it is time they moved on and we get someone who shows some commonsense. The recent decisions coming out of City Hall and the City Council are getting stranger by the minute. One thing is for certain!! We need a new Council Person who represents the needs of the people in this district. This lady has been around too long. Need a fresh perspective and some sensible ideas.


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