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Letter: Grace under pressure

As a longtime Hannaford shopper, I would like to publicly thank the staff there for their extra work these last few weeks.

With Market Basket shoppers filling the aisles, Hannaford has stepped up with more checkout lanes, restocking shelves more frequently to keep items on hand, and the same friendly service to those of us who are there regularly, and to new customers unsure of where to find things.

Yes, it has been more crowded, with more people and items in the aisles waiting to be shelved. Yes, it can be frustrating to wait a bit longer in line. However, I do not want to imagine the chaos if Hannaford had failed to respond, and the same staff and inventory had to fill the needs of so many new and old customers.

I hope the Market Basket issue is resolved favorably for workers and customers soon, but I will continue to shop at Hannaford, where I find what I want, am greeted with smiles, and know many workers by name.



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I've stopped by Shaw's two times in two weeks and they are still not busy. I heard on the news yesterday Hannaford has brought in additional workers and put them up in hotels to keep up with the huge amount of new customers. Seems they are willing to absorb the cost for all the extra business...... Looks like MB proved it is possible to have lower prices, more employees with better pay and benefits, owners that still make a good living and a company that stays in business. Think Shaw's and Hannaford will rethink their strategy - I doubt it.

I have had the same thought each and every time I have shopped at the Concord Hannafords over the past few weeks. Staff and management have really stepped up to the plate.

Holiday Inn in Concord also thanks Hanniford's - they are housing all the out of state temp employees -

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