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Letter: Feltes for the big people

New Hampshire needs Dan Feltes in the state Senate.

Feltes will work hard, as he always has, for the people who work hard to make our economy great. He will work hard for the people who stock the shelves, teach the children, pave the roads, wait the tables and drive the trucks that help make New Hampshire the state we all love.

Feltes will work hard for the people who get a paycheck every week and spend that paycheck at the local grocery, the gas station, the neighborhood movie theaters, the neighborhood repair shops and the neighborhood hardware stores.

Feltes will work hard for these people because he knows that that is what keeps New Hampshire strong. New Hampshire thrives when the people of New Hampshire thrive, and Feltes knows that.

Some call these the little people. Feltes calls them the big people.

Please vote for Dan on Sept. 9 in the Democratic primary for Senate District 15.



Legacy Comments1

Dan Dan the 100% SOCIAL ISSUES MAN. Got to love Kass and Dan trying to see which is more liberal. The voters should NOT send another 1% ter liberal lawyer lobbyist to any govt position - not even dog catcher

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