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Letter: Save the big cats

On Aug. 9, I had the pleasure of attending an event at the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center.

The keynote speaker for the evening was Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, a world-renowned big cat researcher and CEO of Panthera. Most people around the world only know of big cats from movies, photographs, mascots and zoos. It is widely either assumed or believed that they will forever be in existence in the wild as they have for thousands of years. The reality is that the situation for these animals is dire.

Across the globe, their populations are plummeting as they lose habitat, are poached, trophy hunted and their beautiful fur is used for “fashion.”

These big cats are keystone predators, vital to large ecosystems and crucial to the balance of all species they encounter. The fact that the largest of the big cats, the tiger, has numbers as low as possibly only 3,000 in the wild throughout the world shows the urgency to protect and conserve them.

However, if there is still even one wild big cat left in this world there will always be hope.

Please check out or National Geographic’s Big Cat Initiative to learn more and see how you can help. The world will be forever changed for the worse the day lion or tiger roars are silenced forever in the savannas of Africa or jungles of Asia. We, as stewards of the life on this planet, cannot let this happen.



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Maybe deniers can say that humans have nothing to do with climate change, but the same can't be said for the demise of our wild population. Poachers are killing off elephants, Japanese are killing whales and on and on and the rain forests are being cut down. Maybe all it needs is for people of good conscience to be aware.

Unfortunately, I think it takes more than awareness - it takes action as well.

True, but awareness will bring action. African elephants are being killed to extinction for their ivory. Many countries are now joining in and destroying ivory to make it useless. Big cats are being killed on "sporting" tv shows as trophies.

I won't be satisfied on this subject until we hear from LaurieFenwick and Ted Nugent.

Not to worry about the "big cats" here in NH, Kristina. Bobcats are alive and well - and in greater numbers than ever. Lynx are even making a comeback in the northern reaches of our state. And some say that the mighty mountain lion(aka cougar, puma, catamount) is back!

Probably because at this point bobcat and lynx are protected. Once you take those protections away trappers and hunters will have a field day on the innocent once again. Plus the letter is geared toward the genus Panthera which is a completely different ball game. The world and its species stretch much further than NH borders, yet in a way all is tied into one. Everything affects everything. Stop the killing and protect. As you pointed out it worked with the bobcats and lynx right?

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