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Letter: Kuster clueless about border

On Aug. 10, I saw Congresswoman Annie Kuster on WMUR attempting to discuss issues facing our country.

One topic was the border crisis, where millions of illegal aliens are invading our country. I disagree with her on every position she has taken, but I was truly shocked at one statement.

Kuster actually said, “our border is secure.”

How can anyone – even Kuster who previously was unaware Benghazi is in the Middle East – say that our border is secure?

Does she not know that thousands of illegals flood into our Southern states with little or no resistance? Does she ever watch the news or read a paper? Is she that clueless?

Annie Kuster either does not understand some of the real problems facing our nation or does not care. Her zero record for town hall constituent meetings in her two years in Congress is an example of her obvious apathy.

Being qualified and having an understanding of situations – both domestically and abroad – should be a prerequisite for any member of Congress regardless of political party.

In test after test, Kuster has failed on every occasion during her first term in Washington.



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Amazing you people can go on and on about the minutiae of a misspoken remark after enduring George Bush's presidency or maybe Scott Brown's hiding in a bathroom so he doesn't have to answer a question. The Fox Republicans' job was to throw the word "Benghazi" at every talk by a Democrat no matter what the topic under discussion was.

Remarkable how there never was any call for “town hall meetings” back when Republicans controlled the White House and all our state’s major offices -- especially not from all these stalwarts of reasoned and civic debate. What a happy coincidence for them!

100% absolutely WRONG pfedorch. We have educated you many times on this fallacy of yours - This from the US State Dept....." The Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA), headed by Assistant Secretary Anne Patterson, deals with U.S. foreign policy and U.S. diplomatic relations with Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Regional policy issues that NEA handles include Iraq, Middle East peace, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction"

Regarding Dennis Hamel's comment, "even Kuster who previously was unaware Benghazi is in the Middle East." This has been pointed out before in this newspaper, but apparently it's worth repeating: Benghazi is actually not in the Middle east. See the map below. It's in Africa, to the left of Egypt.

Yes, Libya is in Africa, right next to Egypt, and that's pretty close to the hotbed of Middle East turmoil. It looks and acts like the Middle East. So although Libya is not actually part of the "Middle East", I'll bet Kuster still couldn't find it on a map.

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