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Letter: A fix for foreclosures

New Hampshire needs a bill to require all foreclosed property to be brought up to code before it is put back on the market. That way, residents of Concord and other towns and cities will not become homeless.

What’s more, by the New Hampshire Constitution people in need become the responsibility of the towns. When banks are allowed to sell substandard property, they make all the money but shift the costs to the taxpayers.



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After all, corporations are people - people who can get away with all kinds of stuff that actual flesh and blood people can't. Here's another idea for BestPres to reject automatically: Any company (think WalMart, but they're not alone) a certain percentage of whose employees are on public assistance (Medicaid, food stamps, etc.) get their taxes increased by the amount we taxpayers are currently subsidizing. WOW! What a great idea! It encourages individual AND corporate responsibility.

you can read the gracchus political platform in detail here - www.

Yikes - not going to happen in NH - maybe in socialist republic of California , NY and VT

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