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Letter: What about the veterans?

How would you decide? As proven by hundreds of Market Basket employees who decided to defend a living millionaire causes me to understand why I am thankful not to be a part of this generation.

I suppose it’s too much to expect any of these individuals to visit a disabled veteran in the hospital or at his home and/or stop by the gravesites at any of the military cemeteries.



Legacy Comments2

Nothing unusual-- the almighty dollar wins again ! AND The veteran gets to go a parade on Veterans Day via a wheel chair.

Really don't understand your point here. There is nothing wrong in America with being rich. . In a time when companies are moving overseas to avoid taxes and refusing to pay employees a living wage, this CEO, Arthur T, inspired a loyalty for a company that is almost unheard of these days. He had enough profit for himself and shareholders and he put the extra into low prices and profit sharing for the employees. I never thought the employees could keep it up with the threats and fear of losing their jobs but they have. I almost think it is something that is exactly the New England spirit.

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