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Letter: The scoop on beans

Hillary Nelson’s article about bean hole beans (Monitor Food, Aug. 13) is interesting and informative.

However, Hillary’s research went off track in writing about the process of putting the kettle of parboiled beans into the hole.

She described the hole, the rocks and the coals, but then goes on to say that the hole is then filled with dirt. Not so. What a mess that would be. Besides, the dirt would smother the burning coals and the beans wouldn’t cook.

She should have said that after placing the pot of beans in the hole, sheets of metal are placed over the opening. Then and only then, sand (not dirt) is heaped over the covering. Many hours later, the sand is scraped off and the beans are lifted from the pit. That’s how it’s been done for many years in Northwood, anyway. Come next year, last weekend in July, and watch. It’s quite a show.



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