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Letter: No need for a nation

The Monitor editorial on Aug. 14 argues the United States and its allies must intervene to prevent Iraq from becoming another militant Islamic state and training ground for jihadists to attack other countries, including our own, as Afghanistan was before 9/11.

That analysis appears to overlook the fact that we are in an era of non-state terrorism and that violent extremists don’t need to have political and military control of a nation to perpetuate their terrorist attacks.

The 9/11 plot was, according to reports, hatched in Germany and 15 of the 19 hijackers came from neither Afghanistan nor Iraq, but from Saudi Arabia.

For Republicans, determined to be the “Wars ‘R’ Us” party, no military action taken by President Obama is ever enough. What we are not hearing from the “loyal opposition” is the simple fact that if the president is to conduct an extensive, ongoing air war in Iraq or anywhere else, the Constitution requires that he seek and gain the authorization of the Congress of the United States.

Politics, it has often been said, stops at the water’s edge. So, apparently, does the Grand Old Party’s oft-stated but frequently forgotten devotion to the Constitution of the United States.



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Jack - you do realize that Hillary an NObama got the Ambassador and 3 others murdered over their secret deal to get arms to ISIS through Turkey to Syria.

silly boy - what Obama is doing today could have also been done many many months ago and would have been cheaper easier and more successful without all the astonishing loss of life and liberty. HEADLINE: "Report: Kurds offered to help stop ISIS months ago — but didn’t hear back from the White House" google that headline to learn more about the massive incompetence of NObama and the democrats. There is a reason why democrats have earned the title of being massively weak on foreign affairs.

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