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Letter: Wrong view of Northern Pass

Too bad there is so much misinformation out there about Northern Pass.

PSNH employees are being demonized although they are our neighbors and our children go to the same schools.

Hydro-Quebec is demonized although it is always here to help New Hampshire when we have bad storms and power lines are down.

There is criticism that this is just for power to the south of us, when the truth is all New England states share power, and we are all in this together.

Massachusetts is referred to with derogatory names, but we associate ourselves with their professional sports teams like it’s our religion.

There are claims that Northern Pass will scar the North Country and destroy tourism. A pretty woman with a facial scar is still pretty.

What people say and what they actually do are usually different. Franklin’s downtown has an ugly reputation, but Tilton’s downtown receives praise. Next time you drive through downtown Tilton and marvel at its storefronts and quaint appearance, look up and see all the power lines crisscrossing downtown. The next time you drive through downtown Franklin, pause for a moment and look up. There are no power lines overhead.

Did you ever notice that before? It’s proof that power lines aren’t the issue.

Communities directly in line with Northern Pass should have every right to decide for themselves what they want. Everybody else should let them.



Legacy Comments9

My community and 30 others within the proposed Northern Pass transmission corridor have voted to oppose its construction. Period. Accidental scars are one thing. Intentionally maiming our breathtaking NH landscapes is another. It is simply not acceptable to destroy our children's' inheritance. There are thousand better alternatives. Northern Pass is simply not going to happen on our watch.

Well then,,,take the next step and refuse any power transmitted by overhead wire.

If you naysayers were around many years ago we would not have I-93 cutting thru Franconia Notch preventing many from seeing the Old Man for many years; would not have the car road to the top of Mt Washington; would not have the observatory on top of Mt Washington; would not have the Cog Railroad; etc. Look at all the beauty they destroyed and think of all the tourist we lost because of them.

And the next time you visit a resort, hotel, or other tourist facility, look around and see if there are power lines running overhead into the building . . . chances are the answer is no. Why? Or even look at PSNH headquarters in Manchester. Where are the overhead lines there? In today's world, overhead lines are becoming a white elephant, and there are 31 communities in NH that don't want them and won't have them foisted on their towns just so HQ, NU, PSNH can squeeze every last nickel out of NH. As for the big crisis, how come Gov. Patrick is pulling out of the NESCOE deal if the grid is about to collapse?

My point was Tilton's downtown is dearly loved even though it has many visible power lines, but Franklin's downtown is not highly thought of even though there aren't any overhead power lines. Proof power lines don’t matter. Owl's Nest Golf Course (that is suing Northern Pass), has very visible power lines but is repeatedly rated one of the best golf courses in NH, mainly for its views. Proof power lines don’t matter. Your point about chances are no overhead power lines at resorts, hotels and other tourist facilities may be factual, but power lines have little to do with affecting whether visitors go to those resorts, hotels, and other tourist facilities.

1) HEADLINE : America’s power grid at the limit: The road to electrical blackouts 2) BOSTON (AP) — The chief executive of New England’s power grid manager warned Tuesday that a growing regional dependence on natural gas, combined with supply constraints, is threatening its ability to guarantee electricity whenever and wherever it’s needed. 3) ISO currently goes out of New England to purchase power. That extreme power purchase comes from Indian Point . A plant the liberals and democrats are trying to close. We have less than 4 years to get a new power source into NE before the grid collapses. There is a reason why the governors called a emergency meeting to address this coming crisis. I have another home out of the region to which I can flee - do you?

More misinformation from nobody in particular.

another LIDV that adds ZERO to the debate - must be awful having nothing to contribute and having to read every article to look for someone to stalk and demean.

What parts were misinformation?

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