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Letter: Chicken versus BearCat

Political speech is the most protected speech we have in this country, except in Londonderry, where the police cited Michael Zona for disorderly conduct. While wearing a chicken suit, Zona allegedly aggressively clucked and flapped his wings at Gov. Maggie Hassan and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

Warning, Mr. Zona: Do not try clucking or flapping in Concord or Keene as this is just the excuse they will need to bring out their BearCats for obstreperous chicken suppression.



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How close was this chicken getting to a sitting senator and governor? Was he getting right in their faces, Who knows what he is carrying under that suit? Sorry to say, but the world is full of crazies these days.

It is only a crime when a republican does it... Chicken George was a campaign tactic in the 1992 American presidential election, where one or more people in a chicken costume heckled George H. W. Bush, over his refusal to participate in a debate with Democratic candidate Bill Clinton. [1] One of the Chicken Georges was a Clinton campaign worker from Detroit, Michigan, named Derrick Parker.[2] Parker went on to work for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in Washington, D.C., under Clinton's administration.[citation needed] This was referenced to in the episode "Freedonia" of The West Wing, where a similar tactic is used by one of the candidates. Tony Blair would be mocked in a similar fashion during the British general election of 1997. [3]

AW, Republicans are just old copy cats.

Sadly, we are forging through a very different world. What I would like to see is police go back to the days of walking the beat. This gave them a chance to get to know the people in their area and to gain some trust. I totally get today's dynamics are different but having a relationship with the people in your area of patrol is critical to good police work. How many in Concord know their officers by name. I sure don't. All I see is those Dick Tracy cars, that is it. Also, there is the fact of obeying those in authority over us. If we fail to do this, we end up with anarchy, which nobody wants.

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