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Letter: Path of homelessness

On a recent Monday night, I got a call from my boyfriend about 10 p.m. He usually volunteers for St. Vincent de Paul’s Food Pantry on Monday and Tuesday nights, and a call from him is most times to say he’ll be home late.

But not this Monday night and not this call.

He was with a young woman who came to St. Vincent de Paul about 15 minutes before close. She was homeless, and I had already laid down the law to him about bringing home the homeless.

This situation was different from others he has helped. He ended the call by saying, “What can I do?” I was waiting for them when they finally got home; I felt like the Grinch, really.

I was a foster kid, a runaway, but I always had a place to go.

This woman didn’t. Her story is like mine. A foster kid, runaway, in and out of group homes. But now she had timed out. She was 18. And had spent the past three days until Monday night under a bridge in Concord. She was dead tired. No clothes. No Phone. No would help her.

She came to Concord on the wrong day with the Vegas Block eviction happening. She was scared. She lives with us now and has been since that night. She is enrolled to go to college.

We started a crowdfund for her. She needs or needed everything, from sheets and linen to clothes and food.

She will be studying early childhood education. How fitting.



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Better watch your boyfriend....

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