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Letter: Minutes show Ardinger didn’t support full-day kindergarten

A supporter, close friend and fellow school board member of Kass Ardinger claimed Kass did not vote to stop full-day kindergarten in Concord (Monitor Forum, Aug. 21). That is inaccurate.

As the Monitor noted in its recent “on the issues” story on Aug. 17, when the Concord School Board considered full-day kindergarten, Ardinger did not support it at the time.

Here are the original minutes, still viewable online, from the meeting of the Concord School Board meeting Nov. 2, 2009, when Ardinger led the successful effort to stop full-day kindergarten in Concord public schools: “Task 2: to determine whether to build for half-day or full-day kindergarten. Ms. Ardinger described several Instructional Committee meetings at which the board reviewed studies about the educational benefits that resulted from children who attended full-day kindergarten over those who attended half-day kindergarten. It was found that typically, the benefits of full-day kindergarten did not last through third or fifth grades. She reported the board’s sense that the cost of building twice the number of kindergarten classrooms than currently exist outweighed the potential benefits of full-day kindergarten.”

She went on to vote to “approve educational specifications for the new or renovated schools based on the numbers of children who will be attending half-day kindergarten.”

Unfortunately, since the new schools were never built to accommodate full-day public kindergarten, this decision not only affects Concord families now but also for many years into the future.



(The writer is campaign manager for Dan Feltes.)

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Thanks for setting the record straight!

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