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Letter: Feltes for full-day kindergarten

Dan Feltes’s unwavering support for full-day kindergarten is, more than any other issue, what compels me to strongly support his campaign.

Every child and family in Hopkinton now has the opportunity for full-day public kindergarten and this is a tremendous boost to our community.

The school board concluded that full-day kindergarten is a smart investment that helps establish a strong foundation for learning and provides significant social, educational and economic value to our community.

A two-year pilot of the full-day kindergarten program alongside our traditional half-day classes yielded strong results and supported our decision. Ultimately, the town’s vote for a budget that offers full-day kindergarten to every child was passed with strong support. Expanding the opportunities for early childhood education has taken tremendous forward-thinking leaders at both the state and local levels.

Elections are about choices, and in this case, voters have a choice. It is general knowledge that when Concord took advantage of state building aid funds to build new schools in 2009, school board Chairwoman Kass Ardinger voted against including space in the new schools for full-day kindergarten.

In contrast, Dan Feltes has championed the expansion of full-day kindergarten to more towns as a key priority throughout his campaign.



(The writer is chairman of the Hopkinton School Board.)

Legacy Comments1

Very proud to have been a member of the School Board and community that brought full day kindergarten to Hopkinton. The data was clear - full day kindergarten sets our students up for success. Also excited to support a candidate that feels the same way!

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