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Letter: Truly shameful statements

Recently, New Hampshire GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn claimed that J Street, a pro-Israel, pro-peace advocacy organization, was a “radical fringe group” that had made “shameful statements” about Israel.

This unwarranted attack is as false as it is offensive. This attack was apparently brought on by the latest outbreak of Israel/Gaza hostilities.

Regarding current negotiations, the allegedly “radical” J Street “urge(s) that the focus turn quickly to the pursuit of a sustainable, long-term arrangement that addresses the underlying issues in and root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

J Street believes that a two-state solution “within a broader regional and comprehensive agreement is . . . necessary, just and possible.”

An agreement must include meeting the security needs of Israel, addressing the humanitarian situation in Gaza, empowering the moderate forces in Palestinian society and adopting a comprehensive, regional approach to resolving the Arab-Israel conflict.

This is “radical”? This is “fringy”? Really?

In fact, polls show that most American Jews support J Street’s policy positions, with 79 percent supporting a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and 81 percent supporting U.S. leadership in helping Israel and the Palestinians reach a peaceful resolution.

As for “shameful statements,” the New Hampshire GOP has no further to look than its own shameful and insulting press release.

The state Republican Party should apologize for smearing J Street and its numerous American Jewish supporters.



Legacy Comments3

HEADLINE: "American Jews leaving the Democratic party in droves" "Jewish community’s century-long nexus with the Democratic Party was dramatically eroding as Jews increasingly began to absorb Obama’s negative approach to Israel. The stunning electoral upset in New York's Ninth District – the most Jewish-populated congressional district in the United States, which had not elected a Republican candidate since 1922 – indisputably confirmed this. The defeat of the Democratic candidate 54% – 46% was a massive display of non-confidence in the Obama administration and could represent a watershed in Jewish commitment to the Democratic Party". Keep up the good work Chairman Horn

Sail/BPR had to go way back to September, 2011 to dredge this one up. Oddly, he NEVER posts a direct link to any of his breathless "headlines", which are not real news headlines, but opinion piece headlines. Take them with a very large grain of salt. http://www.speroforum.com/a/60591/American-Jews-leaving-the-Democratic-party-in-droves#.U_03QFZGjwI

Just for the LIDV Brucie: Why Obama is driving Jews from the Democratic Party | nypost.com/2014/08/17/obama-is-driving-jews-from-democratic-party Aug 17, 2014 · ... “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me. ... So, is this the moment when American Jews realize the Democratic Party has left them?

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