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Letter: The critical question

I think we all agree, whether we are in the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street, that we want our voices heard in the political process.

We want elected officials to know our concerns. We do not want to be drowned out by huge amounts of money from either multinational corporations based in the United States or from foreign corporations that fund huge numbers of television and print ads in their interest. We want representatives who will represent us, and not just the billionaires who control the corporations.

So, the most important question we can ask any candidate is: “Will you support a constitutional amendment that says corporations are not people and do not have a right to make political contributions, or to spend money on political advertising?”

Normally, I do not believe in litmus tests, but this question is so fundamental that if any candidate from any party will not answer this with a simple “yes,” then no one should vote for him or her, whatever else they may say. Please make this your most important question to candidates in the primary, or the general election.



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So Emmanual - lets say you exclude all the rich people and corporations of their free exercise of their rights - what then do you do about the massive liberal media, Hollywood and the teachers that would not be restrained - don't ya think the tables would be a little skewed? - Oh - I get it now - that is what you really want isn't it? Liberals .......sheeeeeesh

Sorry Emanual - The Supreme Courts since the 1800's have ruled against your uninformed petition. Your movement is nothing more than more of the same populist rhetoric. The day that you can prove that 218 members of the house and 51 senators and the president were all bought off by some large corporation that is when you have a valid hypothesis

Wrong again, they just need one or two Senators or Reps in an evenly divided congress. One very influential VP( as in Halliburten Cheney), If this were not so, why do Republican ads blame Shaheen for being the "deciding" vote on Obamacare?

Haliburton Cheney? Is that like Alinsky Obama or Plugs Biden? Or Lewinsky Clinton? Lusting Carter? Al G(wh)ore?

another LIDV comment not worthy of a response - just another stalker

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