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Letter: Blatant sexism

I am annoyed by the sexism immediately displayed in your front-page political coverage of Sunday, Aug. 17.

To wit: “State Senate candidate Kass Ardinger stood . . . in her tan skirt and neon blue-and-green walking sneakers.”

“As Joanne Keough stood . . . State Senate candidate Dan Feltes launched into his pitch for her vote.”

I hold no brief for or against either candidate, but why is it necessary to begin coverage of the woman by describing her attire while not even disclosing if the man had attire?

Are clothes optional for men? Does sneaker color give us a clue to her stand on Medicaid expansion or the death penalty?

Surprisingly, the gaffe is committed by a woman, Megan Doyle – and, yes, I plead guilty to the assumption that Megan is a woman’s name.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, it is time to wake up and shake off the sexist cliche journalism of yesteryear and start judging people on equal terms – by what they say and do, not by what they wear.



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I'll say it again; selling a "news" story is now part of the business. It's closely related to advertising now. It's not simply reporting the facts. You use an intriguing headline and/or begin with a line to make the reader continue reading, like a cute or witty remark. That's the way it works now.

The CM RAG could not possibly be considered a journalistic endeavor - They cant keep their liberal bent confined to the editorial pages. UGH & Uh oh! I was hoping there was a different daily journalistic adventure to read in Wolfboro - looked at a few homes there last week

"The CM RAG could not possibly be considered a journalistic endeavor..." Then why do you waste your time here? If you took your talents to the Union Leader or Laconia Sun, nobody would miss you.

Because many of us are sick and tired of disinformation and emotional reaction of the Left, that is ripping of the fabric of our society. We are sick and tired of constant change for the sake of change or some perceived inequity and we are sick of it. The Monitor or the Union Leader or the Sun should not spill personal opinion of the employees into the news. It happens and is very prevalent at the Monitor in the placement of stories to the tone by the writers. Much more prevalent than in the Union Leader.

It is our public service to educate you & the other LIDV's

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