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Letter: Not fair to veterans

In 2012, the state Legislature passed legislation allowing veterans to have their veterans status indicated on their driver’s license, thus providing us with a photo ID proving our service to our country. A veterans photo ID is something that major stores always require before they will provide a veterans discount.

Unfortunately, Home Depot and Lowe’s will not accept the new license with honorable veterans status noted on the card for an everyday veterans discount at their stores. They only accept active, retired, reserve IDs and cards issued to veterans who have filed a medical claim against the VA.

So what about all the other veterans who served but do not meet the stores’ criteria? The answer is, sorry no discount without the required documentation. We and the state of New Hampshire should boycott both of these stores until they change their discriminatory policy. What do you think?



Legacy Comments4

I am a senior and have walking problems but as long as I can hobble I hope not to have to get a handicapped plate. But I am beginning to wonder with twenty or thirty rows of a parking lot reserved for handicapped plates, will I always be able to walk the mile or so to the store. Nothing against handicapped people, but I don't understand where they all came from these last few years.

You raise a good point. It could be that Baby Boomers are just at that stage but I see so many younger people with those plates and so many of them riding around on those motorized shopping carts as well.

Hoo-Ray, Tillie!

I wouldn't call electing to not give a discount to certain groups discriminatory. I went to a museum the other day, thinking I would get a senior discount. I mis-understood; the discount was for people with a Medicaid card, not a Medicare card. That's the way it is. There isn't any requirement to give discounts.

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