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Letter: Real bigotry

The PC police have outdone themselves with the false Redskins outrage. It is a term made by its own people.

They knew nothing of European explorers trying to find India, hence the name Indian. They called themselves Red Men or Red Skins in contrast to white men only, whom they found sickly looking.

Read a history book instead of a blog! For that matter, what guilt-saturated white person would use the term “Native” or “American” since that implies that the people were savage or had any relation at all to Amerigo Vespucci.

You see, when you go down the word-Nazi road, there is no stopping. The real bigotry is with folks who manufacture outrage to silence differing opinions.

Where were any of these folks five years ago, or 10, or 40 or 80? It is just a new inroad into the tyranny of thought presented by all totalitarian mind-sets.



Legacy Comments2

Yes, the Left has a politically correct replacement for everything: Political correctness is the sheer of all hypocrisies, especially stupid terms like: a fat person is weight challenged, if you are dishonest you are ethically disoriented, as we know with the Obama administration that a terrorist attack is a man made disaster, a janitor is a sanitary engineer, ugly is aesthetically challenged and dead is living impaired. Political correctness is not just about words it is about ideas like the Obama administration banning training materials that have any reference to terrorism and Islam. Idea like disproportionalism are also part of political correctness. It is about feigned "offense" of one group towards controlling the language of another group. It signals a country in decline.

Even funnier is that the lead Indian in this movement has a high school football team on their tribal grounds got it .....the Redskins

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