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Letter: Behind the destruction

Will Green of Sutton wrote (Monitor letters, Aug. 23), “Now I understand that young man’s death was tragic down in Missouri, but how in the world does that give people the right to destroy where they lived?”

I would like to clue Green in on a word he has probably never given much thought to or had to deal with, and that word is oppression.

I don’t know if Green knows what it feels like to scream to the top of your lungs to a justice system that cares more about the color of the person’s skin than justice.

These people are trying to tell the justice system to do the right thing for all of us, and it simply isn’t listening.

This isn’t just about Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin. It’s about every black person in America who is told they are peers yet are treated differently and made to feel like nothing.

Just look at the Innocence Project. Doesn’t it seem kind of odd that almost all of the prisoners freed by that program are black?

So, Mr. Green, if the biggest problem you see is these people ransacking their neighborhood, then what does that say about you?



Legacy Comments18

We have most of the media stating that the cop's eye socket was indeed blown out. Then we have a very few stating from unidentified sources it was not, that would be the news sources who have a history of distorting the facts. For me it is very simple. We do not have all the facts, so most commenting it assumption. The left will always make the cops the bad guys, and assume they are in the wrong, and make the issue about race before all the facts are in.

I agree with you rabbit, Let the facts play out and have the chips fall where they may. From what I can gather from all sources that are available, that 14 year old was a thug. He and his best friend had just robbed a store. The cop took a beating in the face which by all accounts cannot be denied. I feel he was justified in his actions as that thug turned around and tried to charge at the cop. The so called forensic pathologist that the family hired was known to be a hack for higher and a good number of his prior case opinions were ruled as bogus and made up facts to support the people he was paid by. But what I find strange is that a August 12th of this year a black cop in Salt Lake City shoots an unarmed white kid and there in no public outcry. why is that? Because the news media said the cop was of a race other than white! There is an agenda to push racism, but only if an other than white person gets shot by a white cop.

I love how all these people who were not there "Know" exactly what happened.....

Unsubstantiated claim of the policeman's injuries - really? Any chance the DOJ's racist-in-chief has defensive evidence suppressed? As the felon (by definition with physical injury to cop) turned to attack the cop once again -what was he supposed to do? Throw flowers? The police have no responsibility to save the life of a citizen (almost all would if they could) but they do have the right/responsibility to protect themselves including use of deadly force. This already a guy, hit so hard he had a blown out eye socket and was possibly concussed). Seriously, Gracc; what would you do if you just had face busted in by a guy almost 2x your mass who was charging you again? Seriously what would do?

The "blown out eye socket" is not just an error - it's a lie. The X-ray was cribbed from the University of Iowa website, and after that was discovered the fraudster clumsily tried and failed to erase the identifying markings. Basing one's argument on a lie is not the best way to persuade.

WaPo reported that x rays of officer Wilsons broken eye socket will be submitted to the grand jury..btw..take your own advice.........

The X-ray was cribbed from the University of Iowa website, wasnt an x was a ct scan, and it was from the beginning clearly marked (FILE IMAGE) and directly under it "A blowout fracture is a fracture of one or more of the bones surrounding the eye and is commonly referred to as an orbital floor fracture."...nowhere did it say it was Wilsons ct scan..

Gracc,, I notice the question went unanswered.

T, that would be because there is no proper answer to a question, the premise of which is demonstrably false.

again...demonstrably false, according to ...who exactly??

Somehow , I always thought that saving the life of a citizen was a main responsibility of the police.

and, a citizens main responsibility ...dont assault a police officer..

178 arrests in Ferguson and only 8 were residents of Ferguson. What we all saw was other people people ransacking the Ferguson neighborhood.... what does that say?

Curtis, What do you expect. If you beat in the face of a policeman- and then around and rush to attack again - what the hell do your expect? Any white, Asian, brown, blue or purple person would in prison with a felony but your expected this assailant to go free like nothing happened? Why no cry of injustice for the black cop that killed an unarmed white in Utah? Are you saying its only injustice if al sharpton or some other self-serving micophone/camera hungry black commentator tells you it is?

Here we go another repetition of the discredited tale of how the cop's face was "beaten in." TCB is apparently unable to distinguish "go free like nothing happened" from a death sentence imposed and executed on the scene.

discredited by....who? The cop? His doctor? Al Sharpton?

for the LIDV Gracchus....Apr 27, 2008 - Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn't so. Reagan

The answer of course, is no right.

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