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Letter: Many reasons to vote blue

Remember when Barack Obama became president, the first time?

Mitch McConnell said his goal for this president was to make him a “one-term president.” When the president won election for a second term, McConnell said his goal for the president and the Democrats was to make sure that there wouldn’t be any jobs bills introduced for a vote.

Now it’s McConnell’s re-election time, and his goal for the GOP is to take back the House so they can shut down the government.

Well, we all know how well that went. And it’s taken a long time for the president and the Democratic Party to try to get the United States back up on its feet.

Just think how much further along the bridges and roads would be if they had passed the jobs bill.

O’Connell forgot: He is the government.

Want to shut down the United States government again? You know who to vote for.

No thanks, I’ll vote blue.


North Woodstock

Legacy Comments2

I don't like McConnell but honestly there is NO reason to vote Blue. Under Obama, we live in a far more dangerous world, our economy is still, after 6+ years in the dumps, the government is more interested in spying on its own citizens then understanding the threat from Isis, 49% of American citizens are receiving some kind of government check. Less Americans are pulling the cart and more folks are riding in it. Illegal immigration is on the rise and this president is doing nothing to address it. The IRS is targeting groups that the President finds a threat to his agenda, he has no strategy (admitted by Obama) to deal with Isis, we have spent trillions of education and the results are mediocre. Blue has been on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of prosperity for decades. I don't like McConnell but honestly the answer is to NOT vote Blue.

There is so much that is so easily proven FALSE in this letter that it illustrates the harm the LIDV inflicts upon America. 1) Republicans already have the House of Representatives. 2) Republicans are NOT NOT NOT calling for a shutdown or impeachment that is only democrats campaign false rhetoric. God help America from the destruction wrought by LIDV's

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