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Letter: Feltes is a strong progressive

Democratic primary voters in the Concord area have a choice between two very good candidates for state senator.

After listening carefully to both in two settings, the choice of Dan Feltes was easy for me.

I plan to vote for him, and have knocked on doors in my neighborhood on his behalf. In this Democratic district, we have an opportunity to elect a strong progressive.

Work as a legal assistance attorney has given Feltes a broad understanding of how our system leaves too many people behind. He also understands the kind of political organizing needed to advance an agenda that favors working families. That vision and commitment have earned my support.



Legacy Comments1

How much do we have to hear about "working families" Which families are working families. I know people with a household income of $50,000 where both folks "work" and families with a household income of $150,000 where both folks "work". "Working families" is rhetorical hyperbole, buzz words that low information voters suck in like Kool-Aid. The very fact that he is an "attorney" is a reason to NOT vote for Feltes. Our forefathers never envisioned the wealthy and the legal experts holding office year after year. They envisioned regular people representing constituents. There is a reason why the SEA support Feltes and it has to do with their wallets. Honestly, when you read that the SEIU membership supports a candidate, it is more about 'what's in it for me' rather than any feigned concern for anyone else, like for instance "working families". It is more about state employees doing less for more pay in single tasking, make work jobs. By the way "political organizing" means that politics trumps common sense.

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