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Letter: An unfortunate turn

Alas, I thought the primary contest for state senator in District 15 was going to be decided based on voters’ respectful personal choice since it seemed the Democratic candidates were each solid contenders and in sync about most state issues ahead.

But, sadly, contender Dan Feltes has recently stirred up a lot of empty smoke around the issue of full-day kindergarten. This seemed to this writer a signal of the type leadership young Feltes might gravitate toward if he lands the nomination and enters the arena of legislative culture.

I speak, though happily living with imperfect elderly memory, of my past years in the 1980s spent on the New Hampshire House Education Committee. Our state has struggled and dodged its commitment to education, selling lotteries and casinos and the woeful New Hampshire “advantage.”

It’s rather brash of Feltes to hear him shout he will fight for “full-day kindergarten . . . for all New Hampshire children” and castigate Kass Ardinger. It would require a miraculous legislative shift to enact a legislative educational mandate lacking state funds for a program that should be thoughtfully studied within the context of a full educational experience and the cost benefit of the same within locally controlled school districts.

At times general citizenry swallow brash statements of alleged positions, only to learn that shouts do not legislate in a true collaborative culture.

I wish for an elected state senator cut from the fabric of Sylvia Larsen, Caroline Gross and Susan McLane.



Legacy Comments3

Odd? Tortured logic? Hair-splitting? Stunning lack of judgment and common sense? Come on! Get a clue! Isn’t it obvious Feltes was uncomfortable with how the primary was shaping up as just too easy and yearned for a more competitive, attention-getting race? And I suspect he got just that. Sure, he looks like an idiot to political outsiders, but take it from me, this is one genius tactician at work.

One genius ambulance chaser wanna be. Perhaps you can educate him on ambulance chasing. You seem good at that.

It seems quite odd to me to focus on kindergarten, pretty much of a non-issue for a state senator--especially as an attack issue for someone who served for years on a school board! What sort of tortured logic brings us the accusation of unconcern for education on the part of a long time servant for that very cause? Not to mention the vote on full day kindergarten, irrelevant as it is to the state senate, was unanimous--not exactly controversial. Also, focusing on the hair-splitting issue of full versus half-day kindergarten in this state is the essence of putting the cart before the horse. Feltes' tactic in this area has lost my vote and that of my spouse. He has demonstrated a stunning lack of judgement and common sense by focusing on this non-issue. For the record, I totally disagree with Ardinger's push to buy up houses and build large elementary schools for Concord's children. And I don't like her connection to the Shaheen machine, either. But Feltes has really shot himself in the foot in this household with this manufactured "issue."

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