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Letter: The descent into mudslinging

Sometimes it’s enough to tell friends and family who you are going to vote for and why, letting the political process unfold.

But recently, Dan Feltes has decided to sling mud at candidate Kass Ardinger. What a shame.

I truly thought this was going to be a race on ideology. I received a flier today of a sweet little girl looking pensive. It trumpeted: Dan Feltes, full-time kindergarten; Kass Ardinger, no to full-time kindergarten. How incredibly silly.

It isn’t up to Ardinger as a school board member to make this decision autonomously, as the brochure and recent letters to the editors suggest.

When and if full-time kindergarten comes to the table, Ardinger has the background as a parent and school board member to study and work with any committee or task force at the state level.

Her knowledge will be an incredible plus. I think perhaps public education may be seen as a weakness by Feltes’s campaign manager. So, attack Ardinger with fallacies. And I’ve never seen a campaign manager write a letter to the editor. Bad form.

Recently on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR, political pundits stated that mudslinging equals desperation. I hope the undecided see through this as desperation or lack of knowledge.

Either way, is that a senator you really want?



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Feltes has lost two votes in our household with his divisive and distracting focus on this non-issue.

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