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Letter: Residency matters

No state residency requirements for people running for federal office?

How can they claim to understand and represent New Hampshire values if they have never lived them? Isn’t that what the carpetbaggers from the North did to the southerners following the Civil War, when the North determined how the South would function?

Scott Brown acts as if he has already won the Republican primary by virtually ignoring Bob Smith and Jim Rubens and focusing on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

Did someone appoint or anoint him the Republican heir apparent? This is very disrespectful to his worthy opponents, who at least have New Hampshire roots.

Brown, who couldn’t get re-elected from Massachusetts, is now trading on a Rye rental property to purport residency in New Hampshire, while distorting Shaheen’s record by picking and choosing topics and carefully parsing his campaign rhetoric.

Unless one listens attentively and fact-checks Brown’s claims, New Hampshire could be duped by this Massachusetts carpetbagger.

All who get elected this fall to national office should address residency requirements for the federal Congress. We have residency requirements for New Hampshire elected offices, why not federal offices?



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most likely the author will vote for Hillary the CARPETBAGGER because she is a female

What does your response have to do with electing a New Hampshire congressperson? And your assumption that since the author is a woman will lead her to vote for woman is really sad. Scott Brown is not from New Hampshire so he's only trying to fool people by saying he will represent NH because he doesn't know NH. The best he can say is he will represent himself and the interests of the Republican party. Regardless of who ultimately gets the position he's running for, I sincerely hope they represent NH needs over their political party.

you are massively misinformed about Scott Brown - you are an obvious disciple of the lame stream media

lol...Scott Brown..was born...wait for NH

another LIDV letter - GOD help America from the destruction they wrought

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